German Language Classes

GERMAN BEGINNER Level - with Claudia

Assumes upto 3 years prior learning.
Class: Wednesdays 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Starts 10 Feb to 31 Mar 2021
Cost: $182 for 8 weeks
Venue: The Market Space
Level 1, 519-525 Riversdale Road, CAMBERWELL 



Assumes 3 years plus prior learning with some knowledge of German Grammar and basic conversational skills.  
Class: Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm 

Starts 8 Feb to 30 Mar 2021
Cost: $182 for 8 weeks
Venue: The Market Space
Level 1, 519-525 Riversdale Road, CAMBERWELL



Start your Spanish language journey now. Learn the key words, fundamental grammar rules and pronunciation tricks with our native speaking tutor Mia.

Class: Thursdays 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Starts 11 Feb to 1 Apr 2021
Cost: $182 for 8 weeks
Venue: The Market Space
Level 1, 519-525 Riversdale Road, CAMBERWELL


Make friends, discuss interesting topics, learn about culture by practising speaking in Spanish with like-minded people facilitated by our native speaking Tutor Cintia. Perfect opportunity to improve your Spanish conversational skills without any textbooks!

Meet-Ups: Saturdays 1pm to 3pm

Starts 6 Feb to 27 Mar 2021

Cost: $70 for 8 weeks

Venue: The Market Space
Level 1, 519-525 Riversdale Road, CAMBERWELL

French Language Classes 
Perhaps you learned French at school and have some knowledge or maybe you have been studying recently and wish to continue with your studies. Our classes cater for beginners to those with some conversation abilities.  Ring the staff and discuss your level of ability and we will match you to a class with the opportunity to swap to a different time if the class does not meet your skill level.

- with Delphine Class
: 10am - 12pm

For students who have already done some French before and feel the need to go back to basics. Class focuses on communication skills in daily life situations using the present tense and basic sentence structures. A good class for travelers who want to brush up on their French. Conversation is usually done through role-play. Not suitable for complete beginners.
Tenses include: present, future and recently passe compose.

- with Vanessa Class:
1pm - 3pm

For students who can already express themselves using a few different tenses. Class focuses on conversation on a variety of topics and is held mostly in French. A good class for students who want to expand their vocabulary and learn more complex sentence structures. Sessions include grammar points (explained in English) or the study of an article.
Tenses include: present, future, past tenses, conditional and recently subjunctive.

Classes Start 1 Feb to 29 Mar 2021
Cost: $182 for 8 weeks (no class 8/3)
Venue: The Market Space
 Level 1, 519-525 Riversdale Road, CAMBERWELL

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