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 Clay Room @ CCC is an exciting new creative space for pottery.

Opening in February 2018, The Clay Room offers classes and workshops for beginners to experienced potters - for adults, secondary and primary aged students.

Meet our highly experienced craftspeople who offer expert tuition in hand building and wheel throwing. 
Classes include the provision of all equipment and kiln firing.
The Clay Room CC
Learn pottery creation techniques to make wheel or hand built ceramics and earthenware clay work in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. 

pottery classes involve using the potter's wheel to make objects. Learn how to properly use a potter's wheel,  the correct amount of water to use to keep the clay pliable and how keep the wheel turning at a steady rate.

 pottery classes allows you to make everything from sculpture, including figurative and abstract forms to functional objects like bowls, cups, platters and tiles, without the use of a potter's wheel.

Choose from a number of Wheel Throwing & Hand Building pottery classes available below.

Hand Building Pottery with Steven McClure  
Daytime Class: Mondays 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Starts on 5 Feb 2018
Cost: $380 for 8 weeks (all materials included)
Evening Class: Wednesdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Starts on 7 Feb 2018
Cost: $380 for 8 weeks  (all materials included)

Wheel Throwing Pottery with Kim Waters  
Evening Class: Thursdays 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Starts on 8 Feb 2018
Cost: $380 for 8 weeks (all materials included)
Daytime Class: Saturdays 10.00am - 12 noon
Starts on 10 Feb 2018
Cost: $380 for 8 weeks (all materials included)

Pastels with Linda - beginners welcome

Linda will start with still life and then encourage you to follow your own interests and style. Experience and explore the velvety medium of soft pastels.
Look up Linda's Facebook page Linda Finch Artwork
Linda is on the Pastel Society's committee and a member of AGRA and The Pastel Palette Group
Daytime class: Tuesdays 10am- 12noon
Starts on 6 Feb 2018
Cost: $170 for 8 weeks

Drawing with Linda Weil continuing in 2018

Drawing skills are a foundation for all art work. In this class you will be guided in a series of drawing exercises to help you develop your right brain skills which are critical for developing strong drawing skills. You will learn about shading, negative space, perspective techniques, tone, and colour.  Explore new techniques and develop skills.
Beginners: Wednesdays 1pm - 3pm 
Starts on 7 Feb 2018
Cost: $150 for 7 weeks

Intermediate to Advanced: Thursdays 1pm - 3pm  
Starts on 8 Feb 2018
Cost: $150 for 7 weeks

Mandalas with Karen Scott - a long time favourite at CCC

Daytime class 1: Fridays 9.30am - 12.30pm
Starts on 9 Feb 2018
Cost: $300 for 7 weeks, including all materials $56
Daytime class 2: Fridays 1pm - 3pm
Starts on 9 Feb 2018
Cost:$223 for 7 weeks, including all materials $56


The Mandala is an ancient art form in a circle. Learn to design and paint your own Mandala and gain a sense of well-being and connect with your inner ‘self’. No artistic or Mandala experience is necessary. All materials supplied.

Friday Painters with Lindy - fantastic studio painting group

A variety of traditional and contemporary visual art techniques are explored in a friendly studio atmosphere.
A mix of group exercises or discussions to widen your artistic knowledge and expand your skills beyond your comfort zone.
Students also work on their own compositions with guidance from the tutor and peer support.
Suit beginners to experienced.
Daytime class 1: Fridays 9.30am - 12.30pm
Starts on 9 Feb 2018
Cost: $215 for 7 weeks
Daytime class 2: Fridays 1pm - 4pm
Starts on 9 Feb 2018
Cost: $185 for 6 weeks (no class 23/2)

A Taste of Watercolour in 2018
We offer a number of watercolour classes during the week. See days and session times below:

Monday Watercolour Class with Nadine Dudek - limited spaces!
Camberwell favourite artist and tutor now has a second daytime class running on Mondays.
Daytime class: Mondays 10.00am - 12.00noon
Starts on 5 Feb 2018
Cost: $150 for 7 weeks

Tuesday Watercolour Class with Chris Herman - returning in 2018!
Refresh & learn basic techniques. enjoy a new way of perceiving the world and experimenting with different techniques.
Daytime classes: Tuesdays 1pm - 3pm
Starts on 30 Jan 2018
Cost: $150 for 7 weeks

Wednesday Watercolour Advanced Class with Alan Rawady
A daytime class suitable for those who are familiar with different drawing and painting mediums and wish to refine and develop their watercolour skills.
Daytime class: Wednesdays 10am - 12noon
Starts on 31 Jan 2018
Cost: $190 for 9 weeks

Thursday Watercolour & Mixed Media Class with Dorothy Field
(Artist's Statement)
Dorothy Field's website
Daytime class: Thursdays 10am - 12noon
Starts on 8 Feb 2018
Cost: $150 for 7 weeks

Thursday Evening Watercolour Class with Nadine Dudek

Watercolour performs wonderfully when handled with confidence and a light touch. Classes are designed to develop a solid understanding of how pigments work together, producing a balance of colour and tone to make any painting 'sing'.
Evening class: Thursdays 7pm - 9pm
Starts on 8 Feb 2018
Cost: $150 for 7 weeks

Saturday Watercolour Class with Kath McCann - for absolute BEGINNERS!

Begin a journey with watercolour in our cosy, light-filled art studio on Sat afternoons.
Daytime class: Saturdays 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Starts on 10 Feb 2018
Cost: $150 for 7 weeks


A Variegated Pair - Nadine Dudek Artist and CCC Tutor

Gold For Australia - Dorothy Field Artist and CCC Tutor

A Red Sky - Kath McCann Artist and CCC Tutor

Feather - Linda Weil Artist and CCC Tutor.

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